Paladin: Level 27
Skills: 67/53
Magic Level: 7

Knight: Level 31
Skills: 57/52
Magic Level: 3

Master Sorcerer: Level 23
Skills: Magic Level: 27 (29 with items)
Shielding: 23...

Account Status: Premium Account

I only need money now... I went port hope and botted Tarantulas/Centipedes/Toads, I had 5k when I started, because I had bought new eq (Knight set, Warrior Helmet, Dragon Shield.
After 300~ tarantulas and killing hide once (and somehow leaving my silks on the floor inside of bossroom and leaving) I had exactly 200 gp on all of my characters... I do have many health potions, and some manas, I want to make fast money so that I can get back to experience hunting as fast as possible... :s


// Royal Inferno

Note: I did post this in the official "Where to hunt" thread, but not everyone looks there, that's why I posted it here too.