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Thread: Selling Knight Level 130 in OPTIONAL-PVP

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    Selling Knight Level 130 in OPTIONAL-PVP

    Hi guys ! I am here to offer you my knight. It can be a good money maker. It have 52 days of premium (07/09/12)

    It's in Fidera, got all the important quests like POI, INQ, Annihi, WOTE.

    Some pics:
    Sem título 1.jpg

    Sem título 2.jpg

    I'm not asking for money or cash in tibia, I just wanna trade it for some codes.

    Here's what I want:
    Game-Code for Character World Change
    Game-Code for Character Name Change
    Game-Code for Character Se.x Change
    Game-Code for Account Name Change

    I need it because I've bought a mage for me, and I don't have money atm to buy this codes.

    So if you are interested, leave your message !
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