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Thread: Selling RP 166 in Honera almost all addon full, 4 months to transfer

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    Red face Selling RP 166 in Honera almost all addon full, 4 months to transfer

    Level: 166
    Equip: Empty, Equip to start or Full Set. (Depends on the price)
    Addons: Elemental, Insectoid and mage hat left. I have all the rest of them like 24 outfits full.
    Mounts: bear, panda, war draptor (black), war horse(promo from tibia), widow, wolf, donkey, sheep and i don't remember the rest but i have like 8 or 9
    Access to almost all parts in tibia.
    Got 1500 rep. points so you go to wz when ever you want to. 15 wz done.
    World: Honera, 4 months left for another transfer.
    RK: Yes I have it.
    Country: Chile.
    Premium: 57 days left 13/09/12 and 2 premium scrolls on website.

    Reason for sell: I'm too busy in rl to get 200+ fast and i'm getting boring for that so I'm trying to get money to buy another char 250+.

    I only accept Moneybookers or Bank Transfer (CHILE), I don't accept tibia cash because Czoger don't accept them lol.

    Send me a pm.

    The highest offer will get the character, but if its not enough I'll not sell it.
    By the way I'll only go first if the buyer is well kown here.
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