I have an Issue using Ibot & playing with another character, my keyboard bloked.

I don't know why but when im botting a character i can't play another with multiclient because my Ibot do something that make me impossible to use any keyboard key with another character during a little time but that time is critical in war or in lvl in a mage character for example im botting my char & playing with another and im walking around tibia while the character stand & when i try to move using arrowkeys the char doesnt move any sqm only the directions like when you click control and arrowkeys my friends talk me about they can bot 2 characters and play with another without that problem i dont know what is happening some body know????

Summary: Ibot do something that make me impossible to use the keyboard with another character (using mc) and then i can't heal & I died stupidly. I can only think that ibot hold shift or control keys for indefinitely.

Thanks in advance, i will appreciate your reply-