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Thread: Character sales!

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    Character sales!

    Hi guys, im wanting to start making and selling characters,Im going to start taking orders next week the characters will be lvl 100 at time of sale and will have all equips and gp's ive aquired upon getting the character to 100.the average order will take around 30days because i start from scratch with the world and voc u want so it saves the bother of transfers ect.. i would like around £70 each character they will all have rec key and emails avilable.

    let me know what you think guys and i will update with the email adress il be taking orders from next week i will also be available to talk on skype or msn.

    I will even give character names so u can see the progression with in the 30days of ur order the character name will only be given to the people i know arnt time wasters and 100% want these accounts.

    pretty hard to buy a character the correct voc and world u want so its a perfect opportunity to get that!
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