I'm Selling 2 accounts:

Account number 1-
Premium time: 60 days more 10 premium scrolls.

Character 1 -> ED level 55 ML 47.
Set: Demon helmet (hat of the mad), Focus Cape, Demon Shield, Blue Legs, BOH.
World: Thoria.
Quests: Access Yalahar, Marina access and some tasks.
Addons: Just summoner belt and almost summoner full (just need some vamp dust and spool of yarn, they're all on shop list).
Bank Balance: 8.2kk.

Account number 2 -
Premium time: 5 Premium scrolls.

Character 1 -> ED LVL 52 ML 46.
Set: Hat of the Mad, Focus Cape, Spellbook of Mind Control, Blue Legs, BOH.
World: Jamera.
Quests: Access yalahar and some tasks.
Addons: None.
Bank Balance: 200k.

Character 2 -> ED LVL 53 ML 46.
Set: Batwing hat, Spellbook of Mind Control, Focus Cape, Blue legs, BOH.
World: Silvera.
Quest: Access Yalahar and some tasks.
Addons: Summoner Full.
Bank Balance: 630k.

All characters aren't hunted and can be tranfered to any other world.

There's some others noobs chars on this account but they got a irrelevant level and set.

Payment Method: Paypal Verified only.
Value: U$ 500,00.
I'll send the account after the deposit.

I'm at work right now, I'll post some screenshot when I logon.