Hello everyone out there. I would like to invite you to exodis server. ENJOY!

Server starting at December, 8th at 14:00 polish time

Some info about exodis server

  • With you since: 2008
  • Server ip: exodis.pl
  • Server port: 7171
  • Client: Tibia 8.6
  • Uptime: 24/7
  • Hosted in: Poland, dedicated server
  • Website: Exodis Server
  • Exp rate: there is a stage, starting from x100 for low levels, decreasing to x2 from level 230
  • Map: Custom, very large map which weights above 60MB!
  • Runes: Normal charges and prices
  • Loot rate: 3x
  • Server type: Pvp-Rpg
  • Skills & Magic rates: 15x Skill and 4x Magi

For more information visit our page

And there i made a few screenshots and one of the best movie for newcomers, here we go

Main temple in Reston City

South bridge

Destroyers cave

Undead dragons cave

Dragon lair around main city (reston)

Ok, now iam gonna keep working on making the server still better and better.

Peter & Matthias.