Hello i selling 4 accounts start for low accounts

Acc nr1: OLYMPA BOTH - 111lvl/62mlvl sorcerer facc without fw not done annihilator,inq,wrath + and 40 knight olympa NO BANS

Acc nr2: 18 days pacc: 217 rp 25mlvl/103/85 without eq full warrior 680/6666 demons no FW CELESTA + on account low lvls celesta/olympa + 66ed olympa + 55 ms aurora

Acc nr3: 150 days pacc no FW + confirmation key btw
-Celesta 260ms 95% addons done 83 mlvl 320/6666 demons
-Celesta 68ek 6mlvl/92/85 no quests
-Celesta 50rp 11mlvl/90/80 no qest
-Celesta 45ed 50mlvl no quests
-Olympa 83ed/52 mlvl
-Aurora 12ms/ 60mlvl

Acc nr4:
Celesta 165ek 94 skills full barb no fw 20 days pacc and some 80lvl ek on aurora

accept celesta gp or euro xDDDDD