I would like to trade the above mentioned account. All characters are on one account, I have never had any warnings/bans and never transfered any of the chars either. So account is 100% clean and ready to go. There is also 95 (state as of 30 December 2012) days of premium time available. All major quests such as inq/wote/poi done wherever possible however EK on optional pvp has ~3.5kk in equipment, paladin on optional PVP has ~3kk worth of equipment and there is ~500k in bank (plus probably ~600k in items in depots) so all ready to go. Characters as well as the account existed for long time and have decent in my opinion skills (95-100 at least on each character excluding mages).

What I'm interested in is a druid on any world (as long as its transferable), just one character, a druid. Level at least 200. Of course no warnings/bans/criminal notes etc. No equipment, items or premium time is necessary too.

If You are interested we can use a middleman service (no idea who's trustworthy here but I guess there are people) for which I pay. My idea is that both of us order the key (via ordinary mail) to make a new rec key and pass it through the middleman. Basically I know some of you can't spend rl cash on a game so I can cover the expenses of the trade.

Message me on this forum if You are interested please!