260+ MS
Mag 85 without eq
Most of the quests done, not demonoak though.

Eq: Yalahari Mask, Royal Scale Robe, Dwarven legs, mms, wands, supplies + 300k pure cash.

Outfits & Addons:
Full Barbarian
Full Druid
Full Oriental
Full Assassin
Full Afflicted
Full Demonhunter
Full Hunter
Full Knight
Full Nobleman
Full Summoner
Shaman outfit
Wayfarer outfit

Warbear mount.

215+ MS
Mag 80 without eq
Most quests done, not demon oak.

Eq: None

Outfits & Addons:
Full Druid
Full Warmaster
Knight 1st addon
Warrior 1st addon
Hunter 1st addon

Mounts: Titanica & Warbear

Both chars are located on an open pvp server.
Cant be transfered for 5 months.
Both characters are in the leading guild of the server, there's currently a "push-war" going on but we exp freely.

Will be selling it for RL cash, but if the offer is really really good I might consider ingame cash on a open PVP server.

Price= 500usd/348 euro/3000 swedish crowns.

Accepting RL cash payments using the following methods:
Wester Union
Bank Transfer
IRL Meeting

Highly trusted on Blackdforums and the server in general.

I will also continue to play the server on my other chars, therefor I'll be able to help and support the new owner with pretty much anything.