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Thread: Selling 210 MS (transferable, open pvp)

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    Cool Selling 210 MS (transferable, open pvp)

    Hello there, today I want to sell a tibia account.
    It comes with recovery key. It's on PvP world.
    Account was NEVER banned and has clean criminal record.

    Level - 210
    Profession - Master Sorcerer
    Quests - All important quests, access to everything, 800+/6666 demons in the killing in the name of quest
    Mounts - Crystal Wolf, War Bear, Donkey
    Items - full mage EQ, loads of loots and cash and addon items

    If interested just PM me, or email at - and I will provide more detailed information and price.

    Some pictures :

    quests.jpgitems.jpgchar 1.jpg
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