I decided 1month ago STOP PLAY tibia . I trying sell this acc safe. If I at home I trying make cast whith mine acc.

Lev : 444 Knight [ non pvp ]
Skills : 112/103 / 12 m lev NO FW . FREE ACC.
Character have all quest done. Its a Legend =)

PRICE Normal eq-> 1150 EURO . 1500$ . 2950 REAIS

Method payment?

1. Real meet. I can travel 700km +/- Europe. Possible deal whit mine friend on Brasil < city Curtiba-Parana >
2. Bank transfer.
3. Wester union.
4. Polish website sellers things . Allegro.pl

If u pay well I give you 3 very rare items!
If u need screens and more info just msg me this e-mail \/ .
If u really rich try contact me here or msn xordis901@hotmail.com