As the title says

The rp is transferable within' 3 months.

It got all full addons except for Afflicted, 2st Knight, Mage, Nobleman,Oriental, Pirate and Warzone outfit.

Im not taking any offers under 650 euro, and I dont accept any transactions done through PayPal. Only Western Union or National Bank Transfer.
With the character you get, 500K, kosheis amulet, platinum amulet, yalahar legs, elite draken helmet, prismatic armor, mms, boh,guardian boots, beetle necklace, Soft Boots, The Iron Worker.

The Druid got mage wand outfit and demon hunter outfit.
With the character you get, 100K, Yalahari Helmet, Ornamented Brooch, Grasshopper legs, Dwarven legs, Royal Scale Robe, MMS, BOH, Fire Walker Boots, Soft Boots, and some more..

Can have middle man as Moe, AKA the hoster of this Ibot forum if you don't trust me.