Who are you?
My name is Sara (aka Asyara). I created this server together with a good friend, Frank (aka Thor). We are relatively unknown on OTLand but some of you might know us from the old realots server. You can contact us at personally at asyara@oldtibia.net and thor@oldtibia.net, we check our e-mails frequently.

What is Oldtibia.net?
Oldtibia.net is a protocol 7.4 open tibia server. Trying to reduplicate the old Tibia 7.4 feeling on a properly hosted private server. Oldtibia is a server to have fun on. That's why we decided for experience rate in stages, starting high (50x) and getting slower as you level (3x upon level 130). The lootrate is 3x as fast as real tibia. This creates a server you can RPG on and yet have loads of battles.
You need to use our anti-bot client to connect to our server. The custom client is downloadable at our website (at a later stage).

Release date
Oldtibia.net's release date is Saturday, 9 February around 15:00 CET.

Technical Summary
Client - 7.4, custom client
IP - oldtibia.net
Website - http://www.oldtibia.net
Gamemasters - Gm Asyara and GM Thor
Experience rates - high, starting at 50x getting slower as you level (3x upon level 130)
Lootrate - 3x

More questions?
Do not hesitate to ask any questions. You can either reply to this topic or e-mail us at server@oldtibia.net. Hope to see you Saturday!