As the topics says im selling a 321ED - 222MS on 1 acount with no warning alot of quests and addons and mounts.

server : pvp

vocation Ed 321
ml:99 with equip
naked:90 almost 91
full outfits:assassin,warrior,nomad,deepling,citizen,ba rbarian,
shaman,norseman,jester,brotherhood,demon hunter,yalaharian
warmaster,wayfarer,entrepeneur,crystal warlord,soil guardian,
hunter,knight,nobleman,summoner,druid,wizard,orien tal

Mounts:waterbuffalo,scorpion,manta ray,magma crawler,iron blight
shadow draptor,gnarlhound,widow queen,black sheep,draptor
blazebringer,stampor,uniweel,kingly deer,tamed panda,


ml:83 with eq
Full outfits:full warrior,demon hunter,yalaharian,wayfarer,citizen,hunter,
mounts:blazebringer,tin key lizzard,black sheep,widow queen,dragonling
war horse


if u have any question just feel free to ask me and i can accept middleman butt only VERY HIGH trusted ppl

if u are intrested we can talk on facebook and i can give u all names of characters that ive been selling and

sold to people and u can msg them all about me.

if u are from belgium or holland we can meet in rl and il make a contract for the characters acount.

only rl cash - euros - im from belgium

empty 550euro - with equipment 600 euro