I sell my account with Recovery Key! I accept only real cash! Payment from Paypal.

- 112 Elite Knight [Skills 93] Full Warrior Addon [Emerald Sword/Mpa/Dwarven Legs/Soft/Boh/Necro Shield/Zao Helm). [2 Mounts]
- 129 Royal Paladin [Skills 101] Full Assassin Addon/Mage Staff/And some Outfit [Naked] [4 Mounts]
- 44 Elder Druid [Magic Level 54] Full Brotherhood Addon [Naked]
- 40 Master Sorcerer [Magic Level 51] Full Summoner Addon/Mage Staff/Full Druid [Naked] [5 Mounts]
- 23 Elite Knight [Skills 65-70] Mpa/Mms/DH/G Legs/Soft/Boh [1 Mount]
- 94 Master Sorcerer [Magic Level 64] Full Shaman [Naked] [2 Mounts]
- 20 Rookstayer [Naked]

The account got 1.5kk cash and alot of items 2 softs etc. I sell with all items.
World: Askara of all chars [Only 94MS in Saphira]


The chars are perfect! None hunted.