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Thread: Script to buy Heart Backpacks

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    Script to buy Heart Backpacks

    well, as i have plenty chars and i want to buy Heart BPs on all, i decide to make a script to do that... And why dont give it to the community, right?! ;D

    Here's the script script... Do a good use :*

    If you want to use and dont REP me, no problem at all (I know that i'm not dying cuz i dont get some REP x)), but if you want to give me some REP i'll appreciate it \o/ hehehehehe

    The script have:
    • Checks
    • Withdraw cash
    • Allert if you dont have cash on bank
    • Allert when backpack is bought and the char are back to the depot
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    Usefull Links:
    • Nothing at the moment

    Did i help? Rep plz. /~/ Ajudei? Rep plz.
    Give me a Rep

    Twitter: @Rafa399_Scripts

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