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Thread: Auto Hotkey Change and Save (Tibia.cfg)

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    Auto Hotkey Change and Save (Tibia.cfg)

    Hello everyone. Its been a long time since I have shared this and in light of a recent death I would like to prevent others from having such a miserable death as my own.... logging in at a spawn and forgetting to do your hotkeys. The new 10 second delay thing is great and all but this is still great if you need to switch tibia clients for a pvp recording or what have you.

    Its a bit more complex than the 4 different client methods but nonetheless it gets the job done. Simply chose from a list of predetermined configurations 1 2 3 4 .... etc. The actual really cool thing about this is that you are not limited to a specific amount of desktop or menu space, simply launch the batch job and enter the number. When you are finished you will have an option to update that config file. Feel free to customize as you need (hopefully you learned something all the time you spent trying to obtain a certain behavior/automation!)

    Please +Rep if you use this.

    Anyways - ENJOY!

    If you are using windows xp or other legacy OS the instructions will differ slightly. Message me if you need help.
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