Hey, ive got those accounts for sale:
Account with 260 and 250 EKs, transferable. It has just few quests done so u can profit additionaly.
Account with 260 ED, transferable
Account with 285 EK, DW
Account with 300 and 220 EKs, DW

all those chars are on Eternia

285 and 300 ek have mlvl 10, the rest are 9 but soon 10 aswell. ED has mage wand addon, 87 mlvl.

I might post screenshots later on, cba now, PM me if youre interested.
Ah Im accepting MoneyBrookers and Western Union, or PayPal but only if you have a really good feedbacks. if youre new/unknown here dont bother asking for paypal transactions.
Also SWIFT transfers if youre from EU country

check Mac on xb forums if you want to see the original thread with my feedback etc