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Thread: [SELL] 340 Elite Knight on Optional-PvP!

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    Cool 340 Elite Knight on Optional-PvP!

    Hello, today i have for sell my account
    Characters : Main : 340 Elite Knight Second : 120 Master Sorcerer on the same server!
    Server: Optional-PvP
    Criminal Record : Any warning, any notation, 100% clean and transferbale!
    Eq: Royal Draken Mail, Ornate Legs, Emerald Sword, Prismatic Shield, Zaoan Helmet, Soft Boots, Boh 1KK in bank on start!
    Addons: Full Barbarian/Assassin/Oriental and other.
    Skills: 103~ sword/98~ shielding.
    Price: I waiting for offers
    Value: usd or euros!
    Pacc: Yes, 15 days but if you pay well 30 days gratis!
    Notation: You can buy empty character, also i can add 20kk to character if you want!

    If you have any question msg to me or post in theard! greetings!
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