Not long time ago I bought a character on Inferna, I'm tired of normal pvp servers and wanted to try something new, therefor I am selling my account.

(Not necessary, but I prefer Swedish or Norwegian buyers, I am from Norway)


100% clean account, there is no notifcations / warnings.

140 Elite Knight on Aurora -

Skills : 92/87 without eq, less than 10% to skill advance in both (sword fighter) and about half way to magic level 9.

Quests: Haven't done poi, wrath, annhilator - loads of cash to get! (Alot of quest teams running on this server)

I'm sorry but I haven't investated in any outfits, but there is old school rare set on the character, and with a fast deal i might add additional 500k to the character.

155 Master sorcerer on Valoria - Mission 7 left on inq, access to lizard city (mission 7 on wrath) done mostly all quests and are not available for any transfer until June 2013.

As mentioned up in the post, anyone can buy the account, but i'd prefer if you speak proper english and come from Norway/Sweden.

Contact me here or in private message,
hope you'll find this account intereseting.