Hi guys, I'm doing demon task with a full afk script with a mage 210.
I've already killed around 300~demons without die. But I get really afraid of dying sometimes because the bot heal after like 2~3 seconds.
So... I realized: there's a lag in the healer(prolly because I'm botting on a sux notebook).
My proposal, if the lag doesn't affect the actions(always respecting the healer rules):

if hppc >= 0 and hppc <= 50 and cancast("exura vita") then
cast("exura vita")

if hppc >= 51 and hppc <= 74 and cancast("Exura Gran") then
cast("exura gran")

if hppc >= 75 and hppc <= 90 and cancast("Exura") then

Of course I can do better using elseif's after.
I'm gonna test it sum, but I would like to know if somebody already tried this and if it worked.