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Thread: Knight 310~ 105/102~ NoN PvP, Paladin 155~ 100/80~, 3x Knights 100~ 91~/85~ DIF ACC

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    Knight 310~ 105/102~ NoN PvP, Paladin 155~ 100/80~, 3x Knights 100~ 91~/85~ DIF ACC

    [Sell] Knight 310~ 105~/102~ NoN PvP, Sword
    Paladin 155~ 100/80~,
    3x Knights 100~ 91~/85~ Axe

    All Accounts containing random world chars with high skills.
    Paladin account has an ED 60, 60 EK
    3x EK has a 40 ED, 70~MS

    NoN PVP worlds are, Fidera, Astera and Pacera, the kNight account has PvP world chars (level 30~)

    I'm trustworthy, even not being known here.
    I would never scam anyone and i've been scammed once. This Knight was bought by me at level 280~
    But now i'm about to break up with my gf (which made me get back to tibia) and I'm in med school, tibia is quite an addiction and i wanna get rid of all my accounts.

    I'm brazilian, so i'll be accepting bank transfer to Banco do Brasil, and I don know much about other transfers. I can have some nice chatting with the buyer so he can trust me, get my facebook and stuff, i'm not here to screw anyone up, i just wanna earn something from my time wasted and also garanteee that my chars are not simply deleted like the ones i had before(4+ years without playing)

    btw the account with knight 300 has about 1 month of PA and the Paladin one too.

    The Knight has full set for sword (ornate, corrupt, shiny blabla)
    Paladin has nothing special just about 2kk in items maybe.
    All of them have about EVERY SINGLE QUEST REWARDED avaliable for doing, so u can already get 2kk + just from quests.

    More details like accesses, Djinn color... just PM me.
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