Hello guys.

As the title states, I'm lookin to buy an ek around level 300 in an optional pvp server and I may or may not end up buying it.
It must be able to get transfered in april max.
Every detail will be taken into consideration when considering how much I'm willing to pay for it.
If you have an offer of your own and would like to let me know, please, feel free to do so.

So please, add equips/cash it comes with, if naked how low does the price go.
Outfits, quests, mounts, achievement points, skills, what kind of weapon, magic level, anything that may add value to your char.
I'll be gettin it for the main ek itself only and to play it manually, so any other chars it may have, I'll not consider, sorry.

Also, note that I'll go first only if you're a mod, a trusted seller either in here or another tibia/bot forum or a really trusteful person in the eyes of the forum community.
If you don't fit in any of these cases, you must be able to to trust me and I'll pay when I get the recovery key.