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Thread: 190 EK, 121 RP to trade [opt pvp]

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    190 EK, 121 RP to trade [opt pvp]

    I have an account which I would like to trade for a character (first choice MS, then RP). On the account is:

    191 EK 100/97 skills [Nerana]

    121 RP 98 dist [Nerana]

    75 ED 64 mlvl [Nerana]

    56 MS 60 mlvl [Premia]

    74 RP 101 dist [Premia]

    plus, 190 EK has full eq (draken mail, ornate legs, depth calcei boots, crystalline axe), ornate chestplate, 1kk in cash, 2x soft boots. 90 days premium at the account. If you agree to the trade, I can also give you my remaining time of iBot (~90 days). Also 121 RP has full eq, MAA, draken helmet etc and some cash. EK has shadow drapter mount. I am happy to receive an account with no premium time and no items if the offer is good. What I want is

    MS - lvl depending on your offer, I think minimum ~220 if no items/premium


    RP - lvl depending on your offer, I think also minimum ~220 if no items/premium

    I am happy to buy more premium time or gps for the acc if you got something that is close to my offer but not quite. The account has never had any (!) criminal entries, and none of the chars were ever transfered, so its all ready to go. I will also order the confirmation key maker (its not the confirmation key itself) that comes by post and give it to you. A trustworthy middleman is certainly an option and I can cover the costs of the middleman.

    Optionally I can simply sell for rl cash

    please let me know if you're interested! pm me on this forum or piotr_mistrzu (at) tlen (dot) pl

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