Hello botters, hahaha!

I got around 250kk for salle.

my stock:

Magera: 73kk
Calmera: 72kk
Refugia: 100kk
Pacera: 10kk.

my offer:

1kk - R$ 30,00
10kk - R$ 280,00 (R$28,00 each one)
100kk - R$ 2.200 (R$ 22,00 each one)
ALL STOCK (255kk) -- R$ 4.590 (R$ 18,00 each one)

1U$ = 2R$;

Nacional payiments can be made by PAGSEGURO/BANK.
International payiments can be made by PAYPAL (I'll request for scan of the doccuments of the paypal owner)

Thanks anyway, keep botting...