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Thread: Help with ibot debugg + losing ibot days

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    Help with ibot debugg + losing ibot days

    Helo ! I post here cuz i cant find any good solution for this kind of problem :

    19:55 : Game:LootingoLooting - System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Indeks wykraczał poza granice tablicy.
    w ᘕ.Ṁ.Ṃ(Int32 ṃ, Boolean[] Ṅ)
    w ᘕ.Ṁ.Ṃ(Int32 ṃ, Boolean[] Ṅ)
    w ᘕ.Ṁ.ᗘ()
    w ᘕ.Ṁ.Ṫ()
    w ᘕ.ᝳ.᧌()
    ^ - i get 1 debug ewery second (when looting enabled) or every sqm my character travel (if cawebot enabled) .

    I dont use Zaoan chess box or whatever is called : I can make simple script by myself and it keep bugged or use scripts blackw or others and its still the same effect . Char dont open corpses and pick loot , dont eat food and sometimes spam healing and potions without reazon.

    Before update all work fine
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