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Thread: Making Scripts

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    Making Scripts

    Hi everyone, I know a little bit about scripts (I have an 7.6 old server) and I want make scripts with IBot for users,

    Ibot don't have scripts on certains respawns (maybe low exp) so im making that scripts like Shaburak's Demon, rare places, etc.

    For example at Port hope, all people have Script of Tarantula and hunt in the South spots, but..What about north spawn? (Hide place)
    Is empty everytime! I made the script for north spot and is 100% nice loot/exp and 0 people.

    Well, I want to ask If any can tell me places that think is nice for hunt (Any vocation) and Ibot don't have script about it.

    I make it if have time, and I'll post a list in the future, for all IBot users.


    PD.Sorry if my english bad
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