Somebody know how to add a safe list to some actions? something like that:

local creaturesToHit = {"Serpent Spawn", "Hydra", "Medusa", "Bonebeast", "Giant Spider"} 
local minimumAround = 2

if paround(16, false) == 0 and ((maround(4, unpack(creaturesToHit)) >= minimumAround)) and mppc > 55 and cancast ("exevo gran mas frigo")
    cast("exevo gran mas frigo") 
I just want to add a safe list, when the player that i add on the safe list appears on my screen the bot will cast "mass frigo" but when some other player who arent on the safe list appears the bot will not cast the spell.
I need it cuz other friends bot on the same cave with party, so i can cast that kind of spells without problem.