1 - Example on Goroma Medusas, should it 2 Serpent Spawn Medusa and 1, or 2 and 1 Medusa Serpent Spawn (summing up comes 3 creatures), using ENERGY RING, what action?

2 - Action to drop vials on the floor (empty vials of great mana potion / strong mana potion / mana potion), what action?

3 - Run away if you come 4 creatures, what action?

4 - LOG if you have 100 great mana potions / 100 sudden death runes (example) / (the char stop walking in waypoints (pause), and wait to go out and battle log), what action?

5 - Use thunderstorm rune (example) if you come Serpent Spawn 1 and 1 Medusa (different creatures), what action? (Because the targeting can only adjust for 2 or "x" of the same animals, for example 2 Medusas or 2 Serpent Spawn I can adjust, but for different creatures can not)