Hi every
Today i want selling u, a legal licence for the best bot for tibie ever ! Yes yes, This is our Ibot. Why Ibot? I show u:

- Simulate key presses and mouse clicks so that you are still free to use your mouse and keyboard.
- Built for both simplicity and flexibility in mind to let you do even the more advanced things at the press of a few buttons or writing of a few words.
- A basic integrated Alerts system that lets you know many things player on screen, player attacking, some creature on screen, items counts, messages, status info like capacity, stand time and disconnect.
- Advanced integrated healing/mana restore system that lets you heal with multiple spells, potions and runes, and can use exact values or percentages.
- Advanced integrated friend healer system to use spells, potions and runes in yours friends.
- Script system that lets you do actions at the press of a button or automatically, based on certain conditions.
- Displays practical information on screen for convenience and to assist you in taking choices during your gameplay.
- Many features in the iBot are implemented in script so you can just enabled them if you want but you may also adjust them to your liking.
- All the basic things such as equipping ammunition, rings, amulets, picking up loot into backpacks, moving things around inventory, using items, saying things, casting spells, buying and selling items, etc.
- Goes up and down ramps, ladders, stairs, rope spots, shovel spots, opens doors, uses sewer grates, etc.
- Deposits gold and items, refills potions, talks with NPCs and travels with just a few simple script commands.
- Has different ways of walking accross caves that may save time by avoiding areas with no monsters spawned.
- May be set up to kill different monsters with a different approach, attack, equipment, spell.
- Advanced looting system, you can choose which items you wanna take and where you wanna put then.
- Many good options for save and load scripts, like Slots and Favorites.
- May be customized and expanded in many ways using small scripts while also providing support for complex and powerful scripts.

If u want have it, and u don't have cash, but u have GP on your world. Msg me and we will find solution.

Price? 1kk on ur World for licence on 30 days(of course, u can buy on 60,90 days too ; )). I'm not a thief. U can trust me / or 7 EURO, 33 PLN.
Check it !
And see u soon on Tibia !