Hi guys I'm selling up as I'm going to go back to playing proper.

I currently have 2 accounts I'm looking to part with.

Account 1:
Level 91 elite knight
Ml 7
No quests done at all so easy to get cracking a poi banshee etc
Also has a level 23 pally on account
Will post screen shot later

Price: $100usd

Account 2:
Level 120 elder Druid
Ml 65
Done all quests and on demons task. A few bosses to kill still.
Will post screen shot later

Price: $120usd

If you curious about my trust ability I've traded with: @GTH @Fuzzy @Alexisdark @PunktG so feel free to check with them.

I am accepting PayPal, western union I am happy to use a middle man if you pay for it