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Thread: Sell RP 150 On Morgana no FW

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    Sell RP 150 On Morgana no FW

    Rp lvl 150 On morgana No Fw Addons Summoner full, Mage addon mage, Crystal Walord Full, Warrior Full, Citizen Full, Beggar Full, Afflicted Full, Wayfarer Full, Assassin Full...Mount Black Sheep, Wailing Widow, Donkey, Crystal Wolf, War Horse...
    Set Elite Draken Helmet, Master Archer's Armor, Yalahari Leg, Mastermind Shield, Boots Of Haste, Soft Boots, Royal Crosbow, 1,4kk whacking driller of fate, squeezing gear of girlpower, sneaky stabber of eliteness...
    World Morgana Guild Dominante...
    Interessados entrar em contato...
    Na conta tem um Ek 72, Ed 52..
    Vendo kk's Tbm Em Morgana...
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