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Thread: Ibot (Not Responding)

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    Ibot (Not Responding)

    Hello to all users and andmins,

    Since Ibot 1.1.7 I have not been able to bot completely AFK, it turns out that when I load a scrpt it starts working prefectly, but then over the minutes it starts freezing and if I click repetedly on it I get the message
    "Not Responding" I resently changed from W7 to xp because of my pc usage and thought that might help to have a better performance of IBOT but unfortunately it continues doing the same, can some one that has been through this problem help me? I resently paid another month of ibot but I think that if I cannot solve the problem I will no longer purchase more days, I cannot be paying for something that I can't use.

    please help.

    sincerely yours

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