Hey guys, I need an action to force bot to use avalanche, cause sometimes even with the listed monsters the bot isn't killing them with runes as I configured...

Im using this action:

if maround(5, false, "Necromancer", "Vampire", "Demon Skeleton", "Bonebeast", "Priestess", "Crypt Shambler", "Ghost", "Ghoul") >= MonsterAmount and (paround(8, true) == 0 or PvP == false) and itemcount("avalanche rune") > 0 and target.id ~= 0 and standtime < 3000 then
shootarearune("avalanche rune", MonsterAmount, "Necromancer", "Vampire", "Demon Skeleton", "Bonebeast", "Priestess", "Crypt Shambler", "Ghost", "Ghoul")
wait(100, 200)