firstly sorry my bad english .

something strange is happening to me, i've NEVER typed my acc/password in ANY script EVER.

i was botting at wyrm using this script : and when my my character logged out at the save server my bot had sound the alarm, just like i put on alarms, so I got out of bed to turn off the computer, and i noticed the bot was constantly trying to log into my account typing my acc AND password, and this is NOT in my script, i was using the reconnect from script because my internet was bad and disconnecting sometimes, but i tought he would just try to connect into the character, and not account, i kept watching during the 10 min of SS, and the bot was closing the loggin screen, opening again, typing my acc/password using the symulated ketboard constantly.
(one mor time just in case you did not read before: I'VE NEVER TYPED MY ACC/PASSWORD IN ANY SCRIPT!)
I formatted my computer recently, and i've never download any strange programs, all i have download since my format is tibia (obviously) ibot, Blackd MC and some scripts here in the forum following the free script link by IMBA :!

the questio is: is this normal? anybody know what is happening? is this a keylogger?

i'm scared now, my accounts do not have much financial value, but has a lot of sentimental value for me hehe.