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Thread: Selling a 258 RP (Open-PvP, 7kk~ in items)

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    Post Selling a 258 RP (Open-PvP, 7kk~ in items)

    So yeah I'm selling my 258 RP located in an Open-PvP world. I'm okay with using a middle-man. It has 1.3kk in bank and about 6kk worth in items. The character has tons of items in Yalahar depot which do not make part of the 7kk as advertised, there's stuff like an ironworker, valuable quest items and probably 1kk in Hellspawn/plague loot. It has access everywhere. I can Tibiacast at any time just PM me. I accept Paypal and Western Union. You will obviously get the recovery key/Email and perhaps I could even buy a new confirmation key for you. I'm not really looking for much just a reasonable offer. Tibia's latest pvp update was the last straw for me so I'm going to sell my RP and keep my druid incase I ever decide to come back, if that... The price is negotiable.

    World: Amera
    Vocation: Royal Paladin
    Criminal Record: None (no offenses either)
    Achievement Ponts: 361

    The screenshots below show: set/addons/skills/mounts.

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