need action to withdraw ring from bps ring from depot

and i need to take from bps
cuz what i have take from first bp and dont open next bp to take can some one help

setsettings("Settings\\Cavebot\\Settings\\OpenNext Bp", "no")

wait(1000, 1500)
wait(900, 1400)
openitem(3502, "locker")
wait(900, 1400)
openitem(RingBP, "Depot Chest")
wait(500, 800)

local count = RingsToTake - itemcount('Life ring', MainBp)

while count > 0 do
moveitems('Life ring', RingBP, SupplyBP, 12)
count = count - 12
wait(300, 500)

wait(900, 1400)
setsettings("Settings\\Cavebot\\Settings\\OpenNext Bp", "yes")