I'm selling this account, accepted only for RL cash.

Reason: I'm stopping to play Tibia

Elite Knight 309

- Comes with ALL outfits/addons (except the insectoid and mage hat)
- Currently 64 Boss Points of Paw and Fur
- Achievement points: 488
- Mounts: Widow Queen, Racing Bird, War Bear, Black Sheep, Draptor, Stampor, Donkey, Uniwheel, Kingly Deer, Tamed Panda, Dromedary, Gnarlhound, Water Buffalo,
Rewards Mounts: Armoured War Horse(Special Mount), Shadow Draptor(Special Mount), Steelbeak(Special Mount)
- Premium Time with 100 days left.
- All quests completeds in screenshot below

Master Sorcerer 121
- Outfit (only afflicted)
- Mount: Tamed Panda and Water Buffalo
- ML69

Account contains too a EK120, MS66, ED30.

OBS╣: Only after payment I give the data and rk/changes.

R$900,00 REAIS

For more informations send me private message.