Hi guys, I have one EK and one ED in Magera,
Im looking to chande for an MS or ED lv 250+min..

Ek -
Lv: 281
skills: 102/98 (without equips) with: 103/102
Assassin, summoner, barbarian, warrior, knight.
A few p.a days. Not transferable for 5 months.
Mounts: Just draptor is relevant.

Lv: 193
ML: 78 (without equips) with: around 85~87
assassin, barbarian, summoner, warrior, mage wand, nightmare, shaman, citzen, knight.. and a few more.
80 p.a days, transferable.
Mounts: Just crinsom ray is relevant.

If anyone is interested in change, feel free to adc me on skype so we can talk! The only thing I ask is that your char has to be transferable, or already in magera!

Skype: will.soaresz