Vocation: Elite Knight
World: Non-PvP
Skills 100/96 (almost 101)
Magic level: 10
Quests: Main quests are done.
Status: No criminal record. Knight is now transferable.
Outfits: Full: Brotherhood, Summoner, Hunter, Druid, Assassin. Might be a few more, but I haven't played this account in a few months.
Mounts: Uniwheel, Shadow Draptor, Tiger Slug. There are a few more less expensive mounts.
Account Status: Free Account
Alt characters: 107 MS on same world. 107 has 100 task pts done and missing a lot of quests. Level 75 RP on another non pvp world. Level 18 Druid on Inferna with ml 43.
Equipment/items: Account comes naked. It will come with confirm key but i will not order a new one until someone is sure to buy account.

Price: $215 USD.

Payment: I will not accept Paypal, so sorry. I just wanna sell account and get money and move on from account. I do not want to risk chargebacks.

Contact Info: Skype - seanasaurgoesrawr

I have traded with @Czoger and @Alexisdarks on ******* forum. They are respected sellers on this forum too. If you wanna msg them thats fine. I will not trade with anyone who does not have a reputable voucher.