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Thread: Selling 150 EK - Non PvP WITH 13 STACKED ALT CHARS! All with amazing skills!

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    Selling 150 EK - Non PvP WITH 13 STACKED ALT CHARS! All with amazing skills!

    Vocation: Elite Knight
    World: Non-PvP
    Skills 101/93 (almost 94 shield)
    Magic level: 8 (36% to 9)
    Quests: A lot of important quests done and some remaining.
    Status: No criminal record. Transferable.
    Outfits: Full: Brotherhood, Summoner, Warrior, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Crystal Warlord, Knight,
    Mounts: Crimson Ray, Widow Queen, Racing Bird, War Bear, Donkey, Tiger Slug, Crystal Wolf, Tamed Panda, Gnarlhound.
    Account Status: Premium until October 11th, 2013.
    Alt characters: 13 Stacked Alt Chars.
    Equipment/items: Main Knight comes with EQ set shown on screen and 125k in bank. Depots are filled with various items.

    Price: $140 USD. If you feel the need to negotiate a little then leave a post or PM. Remember that the price will be higher because of all the alt chars. I will order a new confirmation key letter when I have a buyer. It will cost 5 usd more on price.

    Payment: I will not accept paypal. I do not want to risk chargebacks.

    Contact Info: Skype - seanasaurgoesrawr

    I have traded with @Czoger and @Alexisdarks on this forum. If you wanna msg them thats fine I will not trade with anyone who does not have a reputable voucher.

    Alternative Characters!:

    1. Sorcerer Lvl 54. ML 64.
    2. Knight Lvl 41 ML 4 101/94 skills (almost 102/95)
    3. Paladin Lvl 41 ML 17 (7% to ml 18) 103/96
    4. Druid Lvl 8 ML 56

    1. Knight Lvl 42 ML 4 97/91 Skills
    2. Paladin Lvl 43 ML 16 101/91 Skills (almost 102)
    3. Master Sorcerer lvl 55 ML 63
    4. Elder Druid Lvl 90 ML 66

    1. Paladin Lvl 10 ML 17 (20% to 18) 93/91 Skills

    1. Paladin Lvl 8 101/91 skills
    2. Sorcerer Lvl 14 ML 59

    1. Druid Lvl 17 ML 56

    1. Paladin Lvl 16 ML 16 97/91 skills

    Important Notes: I know the names are showing, I don't care. I provide the char list and all names so you can look them up so you know that 1. they are all on same acc and 2. they all have those skills. ALL of these chars are on ONE account. So don't ask me how much for so and so char.


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