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Thread: EK 185 OPEN PVP! Or change FOR MS (JUST ZANERA)

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    EK 185 OPEN PVP! Or change FOR MS (JUST ZANERA)

    Hello, im selling this character Elite Knight level 185, at Arcania (Open PVP), the char its transferable and dont have any quest, character have access to sea serpents, so you can bot there xD, it dont have any ban/warning, it contains the set on the screen and it comes without axe, you can see the skills on the screen.. The offer its 160 USD or best offer. and im only accepting paymets via Paypal with Verified account

    We can use a middleman but you should pay for him, i WONT go first.

    Also im accepting a Master Sorcerer with decent level but just on ZANERA, and im also taking offers in kk's, but just in ZANERA.
    Leave me a reply here, or contact me on:

    Skype: dayan.trevino
    send email to;
    Private msg here.

    Also if you are from México we can make a better bussiness!

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