So I recently bought a 7970 GPU and I got a Radeon Gold Voucher. As I have most of the games I dont need it. Therefore I am selling it.

What is it?:
It's a promotion from Radeon that gives you free games when you buy their highend stuff. The Gold level gives you 3 games!

The games you can pick from are:
Saints Row IV
Tomb Raider
Sleeping Dogs
Hitman: Absolution
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
DmC Devil May Cry
Far Cry 3
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
DiRT® 3™
DiRT Showdown
Sniper Elite V2

Most of these games go for about 25-50 euro on Steam.

The voucher is valid until 2013 31 December (I believe, might be longer)... they add new games once in a while and you can use it whenever you want under that time. Tho you gotta pick 3 games once you use it. Cant pick 1 game now and wait 1 month and then another etc.

So give me serious offers on this card and you can get 3 cheap games

I can accept cash ingame or irl cash - Candia pref.