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Thread: Very Interesting problem with my computer +ibot....

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    Very Interesting problem with my computer +ibot....

    My problem it relies on ,if ibot When experience earns used mouse. What intereting if I minimalize tibia bot good runing ,taking loot,ect. all beautifull and good but when he go refill do not open bp's on loot,gp,supply.When I watch film and ibot going that moments on full screen Im see belt loading as if mouse used but Im tested to mouse off with usb and it further just .As well as if I afk +30minute it on vt it is obliged take me on full afk channel but don't doing it. When I am convicted if minimalize tibia it this use mouse by ibot that this problem.Because that botting normal
    Im can't have tibia minimalize. Very please guys about help.
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