Hey all people in Ibot Community!

I'm playing on antica and I made a guild called Darkness we are currently 18 members which almost everybody is active and online. But 18 members is not enough I thought so I'm now writing on this forum to maybe get some people intrested to join us our recs are that you are atleast level 100+ we can be kind if you are like 90+, we need elite knights, royal paladins, and much elder druids that can give our elite knight sio and have also massive power. And ofcourse we need Master Sorcerers.

We are questing together and when we want some fun we are going to pk ( player killing )

We are using Team Speak 3 (Ts3). If you are intrested you can comment on this thread with ur character name and level. Or if you want you can just send me a private message (Pm).

I have someone in this Community will be instresed and join us! we want to become a big guild and get/earn respect and be able to abuse or just take over spawns ^^

Kind Regards, Kimpie