I'm looking to edit one action in a script, and add a new one.

The action I want to edit is:

if ((itemcount(idMpToCount) <= minMpAmount) or (itemcount(idRuneToCount) <= minRuneAmount) or (cap <= minCapAmount))

I would like it to include Checking for SOULPOINTS, if SOULPOINTS = 200, then also go to leave hunt.

The other action I am looking for, is once the location is reached, is to pick up one blank rune from the spot north of current location, make an avalanche rune, and place avalanche to the spot directly to the west. (empty mana's by default will go to spot underneath)

I will have the script stock enough mana's and such before hand, I just need to figure out how I can get it to create my avalance while SP is above 3.

I will be hunting, and want to leave hunt if something runs out, or if I reach 200 soulpoints, then I will go back to my house and create runes, stoping at magic shop along the way.

any help is appreciated,