Yes, I checked the debug, but it was not helpful at all...

PHP Code:
local avacount itemcount("avalanche rune")
local mpcount itemcount("mana potion")
local sdcount itemcount("sudden death rune")

soul 3 then
wait (500,1000)       
moveitems("avalanche rune"mainBpground(33188328147), avacount)       
wait (500,1000)        
moveitems("mana potion"mainBpground(33189328137), mpcount)      
wait (500,1000)
moveitems("sudden death rune"mainBpground(33190328137), sdcount)       
wait (500,1000)
I want the action to drop ALL my ava and mana's and sd's, and for some reason it drops some, but not all.

It should be counting how many I have and drop all of them in the moveitems....