I'm here to sell my EK, I want KK or if the offer is good I can sell for real money but just for Brazillian money.

That's the principal info about him:

Elite Knight 220 PvP WORLD
skills 102/96
ml 9 (6% to ml 10)
mounts: Panda and Iron Blight
addons full: Knight, Wizard, Norseman, Wayfarer, Demon Hunter

Have an ED 90 ml 62, RP 82 skills 100, MS 36 ml 57, MS 30 ml 50 in the same account.

Price: Give me an offer!


Also I have a RP 252 to sell, I just sell him if you give me a really good offer.

Info about him:

skills 105/80
ml 28
2 months to transfer (27/12)
mounts: Draptor, Titanica, Panda, War Bear, Horse, Donkey, Dromedary
addon full: barbarian, wayfarer, warmaster

Price: Give me an offer!

That's all guys.