As topic says i wanna trade my ed for your ek or rp

Account Status:

Premium, 2x voucher to 14 jan 2014.

Character list:

290+ ed mlvl 87

Addons Worth mention = Full Assassin, Full summoner
Mounts Worth mention = Red Manta
Quests = only poi & Demon helmet quest doned
acces at any hunting grounds just havent finnished the last missions so cash to get there.
Can give cash 5-10kk for the right trader.
also full mage set
House in Port hope close to dp worth 1kk

Good information to know:
only 1 owner
unknown on the server i play
no criminalrecords

61 pally dist 104
NONPVP same server

level 10 knight

axe = 100/95



178 rp

dist 110/100
full pally set
addons = Assassin Outfit
500k can follow + set
Note: (never botted with!)
10 knight
skills 105/99 Axe

All characters on same account
Whrite in tread or send me a pm if you are instrested